Moving must be ready to protect the treasure of

&Nbsp;    of moving ten Town House: a  

1, tools--Aquarium of Feng Shui House

"expensive, water main assets" fish tank has a strong push money. But everything has two sides, water is also a double-edged sword, such as the use of inappropriate, far from prosperous wealth, and would undermine the fiscal loss small. Put fish tank be sure to measure azimuth from a true master.

2, money tools-the five emperors of Feng Shui House

the five emperors refers to the Emperor shunzhi of the Qing dynasty, Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong and Jiaqing Emperor of five coins, you can block evil, evil.

the five emperors refers to the Emperor shunzhi of the Qing dynasty, Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong and Jiaqing Emperor of five coins, you can block evil, evil. Money within the threshold of five emperors, stopping sharp angle of impingement, and flying blades, guns, anti-bow, open; in the body can ward off evil spirits, not harassed by evil spirits, or packing in red packets, or hanging with a rope around its neck, can increase your luck, available colors using the color of God.

3, home of Feng Shui tools--luck boy

this material in the bathroom was the most effective, because money is water. On the nightstand, but avoid Ms. This objects can only be placed for one year, Mana disappears after time, remember.

4, residence of Feng Shui tools--Crystal

by definition used to transport money thing, if all were unmarried men in the room more effectively. This bogey married person's choice.

5, residential – Jin Yuan Bao Feng Shui tools

mainly to making prosperous wealth, how to pair with, uses 2:1, a pair of gold bullions on whole House window or the window, left and right corner one, aims to draw money out of the window in, Windows will be greater wealth in Mong Kok. Second, left into the door beveled corners, where local Tibetan wind Ki is also money, put on a pair of gold ingots in order to strengthen the maxim.

6, tools--stone lion of Feng Shui House

to survive, such as lawyers, artists, and vibration can be placed in the Office of the authority, contribute to making money.

animals, can relieve a variety of shape and also enhance the official authority or the owner of the Sun, many homes are placed in the doorway. If the window to see rush gram, a pair of stone lions facing the window, and the right to life means.

7, tools--bronze lions of Feng Shui House

its nature for the evil spirit out of disaster, generally placed in the door-oriented position.

road rush or door see lamp post available. Copper is a metal, restrained wood afflicted, applies the tree on the opposite side of the window. Inside the residence there is a water person, this bronze lions better, Jin Nengsheng water, Wang Choi.

8, tools--Wen Chang Tower of Feng Shui House

This is the most common instruments used, conducive to study, and career success.

built in Ping Shan, Yuen Long this type of Feng Shui, it is said that the village is often a scholar and senior official. Children can set this on the bed, adults may be put on stage, scholars to place in your bookcase, to have a ready pen, rank high in the test.

9--brave, home of Feng Shui tools

this animal has no scales, feet are hairless look mighty, for good Feng Shui devices, but only suitable for side money or marketing industries (salesman) to choose from, where income floating God effect. Display just head to the door or the window, enabling side money, money lacking, unless coupled with God can accept.

10, home of Feng Shui tools--the copper hoist

gourds, as everyone knows, copper Hulu can add marital relationship but very few people know.

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