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Corporate relocation services

Corporate relocation services

Companies move to more complicated than private moving, you want to take into account all aspects, through years of experience in Office relocation, we are confident that with your relocation Coordinator to develop a comprehensive relocation plan, including relocation order key roles and responsibilities, timelines, targets, to ensure the relocation carefully planned. We offer include migration, assembling and disassembling furniture, computer equipment, servers and other equipment, a full range of office relocation services.

before moving

new, site visits

we investigated the following factors:

parking and loading platform

freight elevator locations, capacity, speed

development of floor and wall protection plan

conferences and communication

draft relocation schedule

reference plan developed relocation plans

relocation charge duties on both sides



2 supervisors each responsible for new, site work

often handling work at night or on weekends to minimize impact on the normal operations of the company.


after the removal of

three times reduction and recycling of packaging materials

compensation for loss, damage


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