Free trade area the opportunity to move to establish customs clearance system

At present, investments are all in place, 18 enterprises to enter, one-sided opening and completion of the project. Advanced food processing establishment of logistics park, Jixian. Total introduction of business 14, Park project has a total investment of over 2 billion yuan, has 11 production enterprises. Park national agricultural industrialization leading Enterprise 1, provincial-level agricultural industrialization leading enterprise 3, has become the country's largest agricultural by-product processing zone. Nantong moving companies focus on logistics distribution center established. City freight transport hubs, has invested 35 million Yuan, which covers an area of 20,000 square meters, annual inventory of 60,000 tons of cargo movement.  

2010 -year policy will start the first year of China's logistics. 2009  over the 2  period, a State Council Executive meeting after the logistics industry adjustment and recovery plan, to be launched in 2010  years of coherent rules to up to about 15 , an excellent companies in the industry estimate that continues into the capital market.  

reporters at the closing operation the Nanning bonded logistics center understands that since the China-ASEAN free trade zone built the opportunities, there are many businesses early booking warehouse. , Nanning city, Business Council Deputy Secretary Zeng Pengxin said, since trade district of built will advance China-ASEAN between trade logistics of big carried out,, Nanning city, will enhanced publicity, and Nantong moved company advance purposes export insurance, and guide foreign trade enterprise carried out e-commerce, and introduced large import and export trade enterprise and venture type Enterprise, and perfect management and the service system, enhanced port Foundation equipment established, slowed established Chase shut system, slowed established a oriented ASEAN of focus trade project, to this master opportunities, and help push regional trade logistics base established.  

September 28 in Tianjin inaugurated the establishment of Bohai commodity transactions. Its location is: based in Tianjin, and Lao Huan Bohai Sea, for the whole country, Nantong company phones through innovative institutional mechanisms set commodity trading settlement services, logistics and financing of integrated service system.   

also ancient city logistics planning research activities undertaken to implement the layout of deployment. Coherent links ancient logistics logistics is the raw materials, finished products from the end point to the starting point and information useful to the whole process. It will transport, storage, handling, processing, sorting, distribution, information, and inorganic combined, constitute a complete supply chain, providing players with more effectiveness, integration and comprehensive service.   

heavy steel group Chairman Dong Lin stated that prior to the sights, Jiangsu, heavy steel group on port cities along the Yangtze River in Jiangsu Province has implemented major surveys. Nantong moving company because of the Jingjiang shoreline is very outstanding, together with departments of heavy steel projects in Jingjiang highly finally contributed to the heavy steel group will direct logistics base location of Jingjiang.  

far as Group Managing Director Yu Weiliang at the Forum site   as a new consumer services, the ancient logistics has become a critical element of promoting China's economic development. With the partial opening of the end of 2005, China's logistics industry, more and more multinational logistics enterprises, strategic investors are beginning to care about and enter into China logistics market. Although China's logistics industry is not long, but total logistics demonstrate good continuity of faster growth.  


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