Creatively solve the moving industry with the international market

Market development and diversification is investment. Changed the single comprehensive status quo of farmers ' markets, forming a professional marketing and integrated marketing and, the pattern of means of production and subsistence market simultaneously. Vigorously promoting the construction of logistics and logistics enterprises to speed up coal and grain distribution, move propelled lingdong district of Nantong coal express strategic logistics base at the provincial level.

reporters saw the ASEAN international trade port in the recently completed, this covers more than 400 acres of the wholesale market has hundreds of businesses around the country admitted. Trade Guangxi Gui Jia Hui, head of Hong Kong Group Chairman Luo Xianyou introduced trading Hong Kong hotel supplies, beauty salon supplies, wholesale market for ASEAN products, such as the five major and three centers, product displays, trade negotiations, wholesale and retail, e-commerce, as well as goods transport, storage, packaging, distribution processing, information processing, and many other features.

according to reports, the Bohai commodity exchange the first spot of continuous transactions, deferred delivery, creatively solving the world stock trades for more than 100 years and commodity investors of contradictions. By 24-hour electronic trading services, integrated with the international market.  

2010 years plans starts of  14 a Nantong moved project including Haier logistics, and modern agricultural Logistics Hong Kong, and Zhang Yinglin Hong Kong agricultural bonded logistics, and run East logistics, and green beer II factory warehouse logistics, and Lee group urban integrated logistics, and Kyushu pass medicine logistics, and city trade logistics distribution, and fast camel warehouse logistics, and ProLogis logistics, and Hong Kong State industrial logistics information Park, and Li star logistics, and Cosco logistics, and Wan Bangzhong create logistics,.  

in order to accelerate the development of modern logistics industry in weinan city, into Qin and Jin-Yu logistics centre in weinan city, yesterday morning, moving telephone city of weinan logistics strategic research planning in Nantong project launch ceremony and the theme of modern logistics report, Cheng Miangui, Vice Mayor made a mobilization speech. At the meeting, is responsible for the city's logistics development strategy research and planning of the Hong Kong Logistics science and technology system Sdn Bhd consultant Professor Wang Binkang gave "modern logistics development" projects.   

subdivision logistics focus of the company. Recommended to focus on the long-term benefits of railway logistics of railway freight transport growth in low carbon era iron Dragon logistics [10.81 -2.96%] (600125); warehousing logistics is recommended to focus on storage and Logistics reserve shares of leading companies [9.75 -0.41%] (600787) and engaged in chemical bonded warehouse bonded technology [10.29 -4.90%] (600794) as well as diversified companies benefit from the ASEAN free trade area--traffic (600368) moved the phone port is recommended to focus on coal logistics in Nantong port – port of Wuhu [15.42 -5.40%] (600575)  

it is understood that, in response to the impact of the international financial crisis on China's transport and logistics industry, in March this year, the State Council issued the logistics industry restructuring and revitalization plan. Planning objectives by 2011 to foster a number of internationally competitive large-scale integrated logistics enterprise group, established a reasonable layout, advanced technology, energy saving and environmental protection, efficient, safe and orderly and have some international competition of modern logistics service system.


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