Black hole of logistics outsourcing

With the further refinement and rapid development of the logistics industry Division, logistics outsourcing (Logistics Outsourcing) gradually and need to be approved by logistics service supplier. The so-called logistics outsourcing, refers to the production or sale of enterprises (demand-side) to concentrate on strengthening Enterprise competition to the Center and its contract logistics business delegate methods to professional logistics companies (third party logistics, 3PL) operations. According to statistics, even total logistics services of third party logistics in European Union countries share about 20%, and is still increasing. In contrast, first-party logistics in China (production company) and second-party logistics (sales company) in the proportion of all of the logistics industry is much higher than that of developed countries. &Nbsp;

    , followed by increased competition from production, circulation areas, at home first and second-party logistics and decisions covered by third-party services gradually in addition, it is stated that the domestic logistics outsourcing market has a larger space for development. Logistics outsourcing can improve the material flow speed, save storage cost with reduced capital accumulation in transit can bring many benefits to both supply and demand, in practice, also often seen both supply and demand are in a Grand faith and confidence in the implementation of logistics outsourcing, but due to various causes, make logistics outsourcing is struggling, often present logistics stops, or even failure.  

    ----logistics outsourcing failure has failed and failed two different final. Failure refers to the implementation of the outsourcing process, if both supply and demand issues arising from incessantly with remedies or inadequate measures, outsourcing, agile slide into failure. Logistics outsourcing in the industry failure condition known as "black holes". Lead to outsourcing has many reasons for failure and the emergence of black holes, and system constraints, human error, caused by stereotypes and technical shortcomings. For whatever reason, tenders for the early stage of the project manufacturing, investment and scale and award stages to find the root of a problem.  

    ----tracking is not complete  

    ----Japan optical integrator in conjunction with logistics providers in the process, has taken a rigorous tracking procedures to ensure the smooth implementation of the outsourcing of services. Transport link in the logistics, for example, the integrators a regular supplier of vehicle satisfaction rate, urgent order satisfaction rate, punctuality, complaints, damage rate, a strange event effect, pricing, transfers, with status and other statistics. Monthly business meeting with vendors, the company will inform the logistics provider implementation of the logistics business last month, prompting suppliers to look out operational links should be improved in the next month. Loss due to vendor error, they will claim in accordance with the agreement. Meanwhile, enterprise development planning or business when there is a change, they will explain to the vendor in a timely manner, so that the logistics provider to make corresponding arrangements in a timely manner. Through regular meetings, supplier on the customer's status of operation harmony and coordination of business improvement initiatives. Through this communication and feedback mechanisms, has been perfect in itself, while operating the business, prompting suppliers to continuously improve services, improve service levels, and achieve a win-win situation on both sides of supply and demand in the real effects.  

    ----in contrast, the domestic logistics providers, they lack a similar tracking system, it is also one of logistics outsourcing is frequently the source of failure. Currently, most domestic logistics enterprises in dealing with outsourcing, not service-oriented, but deeds indexes as short-term profits. In this case, suppliers help just want to get more customers, extended enterprise, more revenue, often in a contract have not implemented then turned their attention to another project. So again and again, both companies remain once employees are customer service orders, fast realization of the contract, to provide quality services to the energy dissipated. Even suppliers to win business, not before signing the contract with the customer, the moving company, sales and customer's verbal commitment "AC" to operator jobs, resulting in operation without law. But this time, the sales staff were busy tracking the remaining potential customers, too busy to monitor operations jobs, leading to operating out of control, and logistics are often forced to interrupt.  

    ----lack of logistics consultant  

    ----factory live soul is possess a number of skills staff of a suitable calibre, logistics service providers to operate similar to the factory. Thus, United States famous logistics experts Jack • Rosser (Jack Roser), at the disposal of outsourcing, professional logistics consultants and technical workers, he than Enterprise Guide is more important. He defines the role of logistics staff officer: "they want to control, protection of company names in the design scheme of demand, supply and logistics, as well as project data. Success or failure is often associated with logistics outsourcing relationship. "In this process, the Enterprise Manager performance monitor is the only member of the role.  

    ----If a lack of professional logistics consultants, Nantong company, logistics outsourcing market will be impossible. However, the logistics provider in China is the lack of qualified professional logistics consultants that it cannot service requests for customers look forward to making a full and satisfied reply, or distort the needs assessment results.  

    ----logistics provider wanted to recruit qualified experts are very difficult, due to logistics consultants are usually very high in value, exhaust the supplier. Even when appointed to the scarcity of first-class logistics consultant, may not be able to reach the expected consequences, since logistics consultancy logistics outsourcing of the individual planning and design to the qualification of ordinary or non-professional staff to do, results can be imagined.  

ambiguous     ----scale  

    ----scope of work (The Scope of Work) is the logistics service request details, its link to the services, practice, homework time, service fees and other details should be clearly defined. Logistics outsourcing of work scope is one of the most important links.  

    ----there are big multinationals in logistics outsourcing operations lessons learned, companies such as HP, and IBM at the time of implementation of logistics outsourcing, suppliers will be asked to sign two documents: the normal provisions (The general articles), designated a number of non-operational law issues, such as compensation, insurance, force majeure, such as confidentiality, termination; scope of work Detailed description of the service details.  

    ----logistics outsourcing failure or a black hole are the ultimate work be categorized as category is not clear. As often occurs in the logistics contract "when necessary the supplier will take overtime work in order to meet the customer's needs" broad promises. Because they do not understand the definition, in practice, both parties will, how are "necessary" is not. Customers will think, "when demand for the necessary" and the supplier is considered, "customer needs and reasonable grounds when necessary". Examples of similar, often encountered in logistics outsourcing services.  

    ----now many demand-side looking for logistics outsourcing supplier, one of the important tasks is to open the bidding, to let suppliers know how objective background and understanding the content of the tender. If the vendor and demand-side understanding agreed to tender, outsourcing is half the victory.


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