Modern service industry itself has a warehouse, capacity of the physical logistics assets

The Central "Twelve-Five" plan, to Beijing and Shanghai as the representative of the eastern region played down the GDP indicators turned more attention to structural adjustment and many Western provinces have made a five-year goal of doubling the GDP in the future. In terms of industrial planning, in Beijing, Shanghai and other places the "Twelve-Five" plan will be focused to the modern service industry, and many of the Western provinces are still main energy industry.

former City consumer 72% foods are perishable foods, most have yet to complete cold chain to ensure. Corresponding with is, the city's agricultural product market more active, has a good sale of marine fishery and aquatic products. In the area of trade in agricultural products to Taiwan accumulated a lot of experience, Stone Harbor is the city, the only Taiwan betel nut logistics centre and the largest Taiwan terrapin eggs import port. Seeks to break from the cold chain logistics, enhance cold chain infrastructure build, cultivate support cold chain logistics enterprises, the city is expected to become important supply cold chain logistics center along the southeast coast.

so-called asset-TPL, refers to its warehouse, transportation and other logistics assets in one or more physical, and relying on their help resource center.  

the difference between traditional logistics and modern logistics and traditional logistics services company, relying on only the first type of assets, and modern logistics businesses have two types of assets.

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